The Brightest Rock

Front cover art: “Marks Made Cannot Be Unmade” by Susan Skrzycki

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Early praise:

Robert Vivian, author of Mystery My Country:

“Kelly Lenox’s brave, beautiful book is full of wonders—a heart made of soapstone, a bungee cord freefall, hope itself outfitted with talons. What a rare and lovely thing to dive deeper into the mysterious essence of a woman’s being in poem after poem, finding within her own meditations the greatest gifts that poetry can give us, that she gives us—awe, humor, and wisdom in the natural splendor all around us. And The Brightest Rock is a splendor itself, deserving front and center standing on anyone’s bookshelf.”

Natasha Sajé, author of Vivarium:

The Brightest Rock shines with hard-won truths, such as,
‘In complete darkness,
eyes invent light.’
And, ‘In the Country of the bone Flute,’ upon feeling a ‘thundering bass wind tasting of glacier,’ she tells that wind,
‘I’m hollow—
I’m hollow—
Sing in me.’
One reason we read is to learn how to live, and Kelly Lenox is a wise—and joyful—teacher.”

Richard Jackson, author of Retrievals:

“In one poem, Kelly Lenox observes that
‘the bird in the sycamore
still doesn’t know
it’s asking the wrong question.’
And indeed that question is behind all these poems, which keep probing the essential questions of our lives. It is not the philosophy, but the quiet and impeccable skill through which she guides us that make this book so good, bringing together what Dickinson called the outer and inner worlds. ‘The hopping crow traces a path as jagged as my pulse,’ she says in another poem. There won’t be any easy answers here because this is a real poet whose powers are everywhere in evidence as she negotiates a ‘Slippery World.’ If you want real poetry, this is it.”

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